Hrvatska, 21 426 Sumartin, Maslardina Kala 1


Bread and side dishes are included in the price.
One 0.03 l sangria free of charge is served with lunch or dinner.
Please inform the waiter that you will pay with the card before getting a receipt (Visa, Maestro and MasterCard)
mastercard maestro visa
Paying with the card in your home currency.
Enjoy your meal!
Ugostiteljski obrt Konoba Bernardo
owned by Alen Vidović, Adress: Sumartin VI Ulica br.1
OIB: 66055232980

Restaurant Guru
Restaurant Guru
Restaurant Guru

Prices are listed in Croatian kunas and euros, payment is in euros.
Service and couvert charges are included in the price.
Consumption tax is 3%.
Serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or drinks that contain alcohol in the restaurant is not allowed to the persons under the age of 18.
Notice on filing a complaint is displayed in a visible place.
Complaints book is behind the counter.
Ask the waiter for the Complaints book.
Thank you for visiting!